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Trillium x Other Half Brewing: Really Green Street

Photo: Ryan Densen

Trillium, which by the way is rated #3 in the world… ( yeah I said WORLD) according to almost every beer ranking website; and Other Half Brewing teamed up to create this wonderful Double IPA “Really Green Street”. This beer as you can probably tell is a one of a kind beauty, meaning everyone wants their hands on a 4 pack. Well, it sold out in minutes. I am not sure how many cases they had but all I can say/remember is that I bought one last Thursday at 9:02AM and I got a tweet at 9:05AM that it had sold out everywhere. So yes, its THAT good.

Beer Facts

ABV: 8.3%

Color: Like Orange Juice 

Nodes: Melos, Peach, Juicy Gum and Pineapple

Ranking: 9.2/10

Now I am a HUGE fan on Trillium. For those of you who don't know Trillium, they are a large brewery originally located in Canton MA. They do not sell any of their beer at liquor stores or in restaurants. They sell their beer either in cans/bottles, or on tap at their facilities. Since the beginning, they now have locations in Canton MA, Fenway MA, Fort Point (Seaport MA) and a greenway on the water. They have strived to produce the best beers out there, and some would say they have succeeded.

Other Half Brewing is based in Brooklyn. I have just now been getting into Other Half beers. My buddy Sam, who runs a Pizza Truck in Rochester NY (Go follow him for the best pizza in the world @PizzaPosto) mentioned that Other Half has expanded its locations to Rochester NY. Since he has been selling pizza there, he says that they are always packed on a summer day and they sell so many pizzas so I can only imagine how their beer sales are doing. I recently had my first taste of Other Half beer and it was amazing. 

During the pandemic, Other Half had a project called All Together where breweries around the world came together to produce a multi brewed beer. I luckily had a taste of a few of them and they all came out amazing. Other Half made the recipe open ended so that any brewery big or small could come together and make the beer.

Beer collaborations are usually incredible. I am not sure I have had any beer brewed by two breweries that has come out bad. Other Half and Trillium combined did an excellent job, I hope that we can see this collab come back soon.


The Boston Beer Guy


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