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WBC: Trea Turner's grand slam lifts USA over Venezuela


Now, I've seen a lot of conversation this week surrounding the WBC and disagreements on whether the WBC really matters or not. With Edwin Diaz's heartbreaking injury, some people on the internet stated that the WBC was stupid and not worth it for MLB players because they are at risk of season ending injuries.

After last night's game, I have to disagree with those people. What an electric atmosphere and game it was. The USA and Venezuela were going at with Venezuela taking a 2 run lead before Trea Turner's grand slam.

The energy, the atmosphere, and the excitement of last night showed to me that the WBC is awesome.

The MLB on Fox social media team has also seen the debate and took to Twitter to shut down anyone who said the WBC has no meaning.

This angle is also FIRE of the grand slam.


The USA will face Cuba tonight in the semifinals at 7 PM EST on FOX.

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