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WEEKLY WATCH: Top Stocks from The Bullish Shark (11/22/21)

Your weekly watch in what stocks are hot for the week of November 22nd. Presented by The Bullish Shark #ToTheMoon

*Invest with your own risk and with your own research. TBS and House Enterprise is not a financial institution*


$FB - It was between $AMD / $NVDA / $FB as the metaverse play that’d continue ripping. Looking for a pullback as hedgies shaved over the weekend.

$AFRM - The buy now pay later powerhouse has already inked deals Amazon & Walmart still at buy levels before holiday shopping hits.

$HOOD - Not crazy about Robinhood but heavily oversold since shitting the bed on earnings but average daily users held strong. Under $30/share is a buy 365.

$VYGVF - Crypto platform hit a 52 w high of $30 currently sitting at half that and up (+7%) in the premarket with Voyager token (+30%).

$ABML - The small-cap lithium battery play. I dance with fire on this one and their ability to infiltrate the EV battery mkt. Nice volume in the premarket.

$CLSK - The renewable energy / crypto mining company that you haven’t heard about. Company is doing things differently so it makes sense why analysts have strong buy ratings all around.


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