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The Bullish Shark Report: Weekly Watch - January, 31st 2022

We’ve got some no brainer buys out there today along with some highly anticipated earnings reports this week. The bulls are ready to run and it’s time for the bears to step aside and let us push back to all time highs.

First and foremost is one that’s absolutely poised and has earnings coming out on Tuesday after the market closes. You guessed it, Advanced Micro Devices ($AMD) the computer processing pioneer. The company has threatened Intel ($INTC) and Invidia ($NVDA) market share for years now. Advanced Micro Devices is absolutely poised right now trading right under it’s 200 day moving average. Eyes on any more semiconductor shortages as this will affect the stock but other than that, it's #tothemoon.

Second one is a stock I’ve shouted out before but I felt it’s important to double down on. Senseonics ($SENS) - a medical manufacturer that might be the only success story to come out of New Jersey. Senseonics designed a continuous glucose monitoring device that revolutionizes diabetes DME as we know it. Here’s an article from Market Watch that states the FDA approval for the extended version of their device is on the horizon.

Also, note @MW refers to the company as a “Maryland based” one. Perhaps they thought the Jersey affiliation was a bad look for Senseonics.

Number three is one that I’ve mentioned before but now appears to have found somewhat of a bottom in terms of range. Affirm ($AFRM) the buy now pay later giant docked some upgrades last week that’ll illustrate the company’s dominance in the space. It bounced (+17%) on Friday which is a significant move to say the least so watch for a pull back but otherwise, keep Affirm at the top of your watch list.

Number four is Tesla ($TSLA) at < $850 a share cannot be ignored. The profits they reported were stellar, and although their lack of upcoming news was recognized as a potential concern- it's provided a lucrative opportunity nonetheless.

Last but most definitely not least is Alphabet ($GOOG) also set to report earnings on Tuesday after the bell. I’m anticipating an Apple $AAPL type report from them, which could be the catalyst to push the stock back to it’s November 18th highs, where it was trading for close to $3k/share. Even if you think Android is a wash, Gmail, drive, docs, sheets, meet, pay etc. are all used by people across the globe daily. More importantly, YouTube is a force that cannot be reckoned with. Content creators rely on YouTube University (as it’s often referred to) as their platform that drives their business. YouTube Music alone is also something to consider as it threatens sector leaders like Spotify ($SPOT) who rely heavily on listener retention. See this Forbes article below that outlines this threat in greater detail.

Honorable Mentions: $RIVN, $SNAP, $AAPL, $FB, $F, $AMZN


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