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WEEKLY WATCH: Top Five Stocks from The Bullish Shark (11/15/21)

Your weekly watch in what stocks are hot for the week of November 15th. Presented by The Bullish Shark #ToTheMoon

*Invest with your own risk and with your own research. TBS and House Enterprise is not a financial institution*


$LCID - The EV beast with earnings after the bell .. Lucid Motors Beats Tesla in Range, Going 520 Miles on a Charge, EPA Says.

$RIOT - Nice volume in the premarket and anticipating a continued move to the upside as BTC continues to pump towards new all time highs.

$DIS - Surpassed Q2 estimates by +40% and maintains 18 buy rating from analysts as full pandemic recovery is still on the horizon.

$RIVN - The Amazon backed EV pickup already rose 29% in trading debut and is now worth more than automakers Ford and GM.

$POSH - Stock plunged 31% after the online social seller missed sales expectations but already bounced off these support levels taking back what's theirs making a strong move to the upside on Friday (+11%) - anticipating continued gains this week


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