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Who got snubbed? Biggest misses on the MLB All-Star Squads.

It's that time of the summer where half the baseball season "came and went", and the midsummer classic of the All-Star game is right around the corner.

We now have a list of players who will be representing their respective clubs, after the popularity contest of fan voting sent some of the league's best in show.

The All-Star weekend is something I have mix feelings about. I for one, love the celebration and coverage. The home-run derby is one of the best extracurriculars in any of the major sport leagues, and I like seeing the personality of the players come out during this break. However, I think the voting process doesn't provide any merit to the game. I like how each team gets a representative (which should be a standard), but don't give some of these players a spot and make this a participation trophy. Each teams best player should make the team, at least as a reserve, and then stick to the starters being the best of the best. I also feel that the All-Star game is meaningless, because it essentially tells you who's been the best for the couple of months, not the full season.

With that being said, the recipients have been announced, and the inured players are getting subbed out, but there is a list of players that are now circulating the internet, showcasing who has been snubbed of this honor.

For starters, Wander Franco (Tampa Bay Rays), should have been on this team to start. He has now been added, replacing Yankees outfielder Aaron Judge, but it was a glaring whole in the American League in my opinion. He boasts a 4.2 WAR (3rd in MLB), and one of the top hitters in all of baseball. A .282 batting average with 42 RBI's and 26 stolen bases, Franco is one of the leagues young bright stars, and I was surprised he initially missed the cut.

We have some other replacements coming in, and honestly, the only one that I am glad was made right was David Bednar (Pittsburgh Pirates).

  • Seattle Mariners OF Julio Rodríguez replaces Houston Astros OF/DH Yordan Álvarez

  • Houston Astros OF Kyle Tucker replaces Los Angeles Angels OF Mike Trout

  • Seattle Mariners RHP George Kirby replaces Tampa Bay Rays LHP Shane McClanahan

  • Pittsburgh Pirates closer David Bednar replaces Los Angeles Dodgers LHP Clayton Kershaw

31 games pitched with a 1.44 ERA, 37 strikeouts, and 16 saves, Bednar has been an elite closer for a very fun Pittsburgh team. After getting added to the All-Star squad, Bednar responded in the coolest way.

Ketel Marte (Arizona Diamond Backs), who is a key part of a first-place team with the Diamondbacks, slashing .289/.369/.508 with 15 home runs and 44 RBI, was a big miss. Clay Holmes (New York Yankees) leads the best bullpen in MLB and has given up one run since May, but worse closers got an All-Star nod over him was another head scratcher. Jemier Candelario (Washington Nationals) should have been the representative for the Nats, leading the league in WAR at 3B, and showcasing his come up story, as well. Personally, I think rookie phenom Elly De La Cruz (Cincinnati Reds) should have been added to the team, because he is taking over the sport day by day. He was invited to the Home Run Derby, but stated “I’d rather focus on this season and make sure I’m able to contribute to this team and help this team win." This guy is a star in the making, the Reds got a good one.

And that leads us to the biggest name, and biggest surprise, Fernando Tatís Jr. (San Diego Padres). If you’re top 10 in MLB WAR after missing 20 games you definitely should be invited to the all-star game, yet he was passed over. On the year, he's hitting .280 with 16 home runs and 41 runs batted in. Clearly, he's getting blackballed right now. Per The Athletic, "the All-Star Game often is referred to as a fans’ game because the fans elect all of the starters except the pitchers. But the players’ participation in the voting process makes it a players’ game, too. And on Tatis, the players have spoken."

I am not condoning PED use, but clearly his peers clearly made an example of him with this All-Star snub. He deserves to be an All-Star but there are consequences for actions and Tatis must face that.


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