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Who's idea was it to start Mike Glennon? One step forward, two steps back for the Giants after loss.

The past two weeks, the Giants began searching for a new identity. They were blown out by the Bucs, the IR continued to grow, Joe Judge and Kenny Golladay voiced their frustration, Jason Garrett was fired as offensive coordinator, and then suddenly the Giants defeated the surging Eagles. One step forward.

The annual "in the hunt" playoff graphics began appearing. At 4-7, the GMen were still in the picture for the final wild card spot. A win over Miami would put them in a nice position. After the performance today, you can confidently kiss that dream goodbye. Two steps back.

Daniel Jones was shaken up last week, and now his season is in doubt with a neck injury. This injury was so cryptic, because it went from Jones practicing and possibly starting to "he might be out for the rest of the season". In comes the tank?

So enter Mike Glennon, who threw for 187 yards and an interception on 22-for-42 passing. The career backup is 6-22 as a starter, so who made this call to start him? Judge? Kitchens? Gettleman? He had a shaky first half and an even worse second, the real question is why didn't Jake Fromm, former Georgia Bulldog and Buffalo Bill, get a chance? Well, we now know that Glennon got concussed, so may be that was

Dolphins 20, Giants 9

I don't know what's worse. The reality of the season being dead or the fact that the team only scored nine points, all field goals. Nine. Freaking. Points. Are you actually kidding me? It's quite comical. Shoutout to Graham Gano for being the only competent scorer on this team.

No key takeaway section because there isn't a glimmer of promise with this team at the moment. I think the Joe Judge experiment is OVER. Is it an over exaggeration? Absolutely not, this man called a timeout, with 6 seconds left in the first quarter. Are you kidding?!

The offense is a stalemate, the offensive line is a giant headache, the players are made of glass, and the coaching is pee-wee football-esque. Pour me a double, because I am tired of watching the Giants, I feel like a Jets fan. Time to press the restart, hire intelligent people, get a legit training staff, draft correctly, and spend some damn money.


Fantasy Points

  • QB Mike Glennon: 187 yards 1 INT | 5.48 points

  • RB Saquon Barkley: 11 car. 55 yards rush, 6 rec. 19 yards receiving |13.4 points

  • RB Devontae Booker: 6 car. 36 yards rush, 4 rec. 18 yards receiving |9.4 points

  • WR Kenny Golladay: 3 rec. 37 yards | 6.7 points

  • WR Darius Slayton: 2 rec. 13 yards | 4.3 points

  • TE Evan Engram: 4 rec. 61 yards | 10.1 points

  • TE Kyle Rudolph: 2 rec. 18 yards | 3.8 points

  • Defense + Special Teams: 2 sacks, 20 PA | 4 points

  • K Graham Gano: 3/4 FG | 10 points

Bets and Odds

  • Giants +7 X

  • Giants Moneyline X

  • NYG/PHI Under 40.5

Next Game

For some reason, the Giants are going to practice in Arizona for the week before heading over to LA to face the Chargers. This has big vacation vibes to it and the Chargers just dropped 40 against a very good Bengals squad. I expect a 30 point loss.


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