Will the great Lisa Ann come on The Beers, Business, and Balls Podcast?

Last week, I was very bullish on the Giants. Starting 0-3, backs against the wall, they went down to New Orleans and upset the Saints. If a statement was going to be made for their season, it was a win against the Cowboys in Dallas.

Enter Lisa Ann. The GOAT of GOAT's and well known Cowboys fan was all in on her team. Me, a fan of hers and fan of the Giants, responded.

To say I wanted the Giants to win even more was an understatement. It was wishful thinking, but if Daniel Jones, Saquon Barkley, and Kenny Golladay remained in the game, I think it wasn't out of the picture. Unfortunately she was right and the Cowboys absolutely diminished the Giants.

Either way, if the opportunity is still present, we'd be honored to have Lisa Ann on the show, and here are the reasons why.


1. Beer

Our podcast dives into the realm of the beer industry. We talk shop of the latest beer and booze trends. A lot of people have named beers after Lisa, and she even was on a podcast called "The Drinkin Bro's". Not saying it's the perfect brew collaboration but it is Ocktoberfest season after all?

2. Business

The second part of the podcast is all about business, and Lisa Ann is a mogul of her own. She launched her own talent management agency, hosted many Sirius XM Radio shows, created a successful brand with different podcast, and released a published memoir. Not to mention, Lisa is a marketing expert, brand ambassador, and even involved in the crypto game too. She is an entrepreneur and we would love to share how she rose the ranks and became this massive success.

3. Balls

What we mean by this is all things sports. Lisa is an all-time fantasy sports player, crushing the football and baseball content. If there is a sports insider we'd love to meet, its none other than Lisa Ann. A gambling guru with Bovada, we would have a top tier conversation about fantasy football trends and picks of the week. We'd also love to hear the stories and convo's she has had with some of footballs most recognizable.


Thank you for coming to our Ted Talk, hopefully Twitter can make it's magic happen and get #LisaAnnOnTheBBBPod