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A Closer Look at Creighton's Favorite Play

When Creighton needed a basket against Texas, it was one play that Coach McDermott kept turning to. Let's take a closer look at the Spain Pick n Roll.

Terminology- Spain Pick n Roll is the term used for a variation of the Pick n Roll that became popular with the Spanish National Team. The variation involves a 3rd player who sets a backscreen for the roller and then pops out for a potentially open 3-pointer. Some teams use other names for this play, but we will stick with Spain PnR.

Now let's look at the plays:

On the first play of the game Coach McDermott goes straight to this play. Kaluma sets the backscreen forcing Texas to switch. Kalkbrenner takes the smaller defender into the post, the rest of Creighton clears out and Kalkbrenner scores the first points of the game.

Now 5 minutes in and McDermott dials up the Spain Pick n Roll again. Here Nembhard does a great job pushing off the screen, forcing Texas #0 to stop the ballhandler. Scheierman sets the backscreen and Ryan Kalkbrenner is one of the best lob threats in the country.

End of the 1st Half here and Creighton needs a basket. This time Texas #30 gives a bad show and Nembhard is able to blow right past him.

Now we're into the second half and the game has started to get away from Creighton. This time Texas brings backside help off Mitchell to tag the rolling Kalkbrenner. Nembhard has the skip pass to Mitchell but passes it up to attack the rim, giving Kalkbrenner a chance for the rebound.

Down the stretch and McDermott turns to this play one more time. Bishop hard-shows to stop Nembhard expecting help with Nembhard, but the backside help never comes. This is way too easy for Nembhard and Kalkbrenner.

McDermott has focused in on this action because it utilizes:

A ballhandler with great vision (Nembhard)

A great lob threat (Kalkbrenner)

And a good shooter (Scheierman, Alexander, Farabello)

Expect to continue to see this one.


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