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AJ Brown is an Eagle...

Updated: Apr 30, 2022

Photo: Andrew Nelles / Tennessean

I’m speechless. Arthur Juan Brown is a Philadelphia Eagle. The Tennessee Titans traded him last night for a bag of chips, a baby carrot, and a paper clip. Wait, they got pick 18 and a third-rounder. Silly me, BUT THAT'S WHAT IT FRICKING FEELS LIKE! Tennessee decided to take the Walmart version of him, Arkansas WR Treylon Burks. I get why this had to happen but I'm never going to forgive Jon Robinson. AJ was our best player when he had the ball and never was fully utilized… Brown and the Titans were close to getting a deal done, but with the Deebo Samuel saga, AJ decided he wanted more, and the Titans didn’t have the money for him. He got a 4-year 100 million dollar deal from the birds. This hurts a lot, as Robert Woods and 1K were supposed to tear up the AFC, and become one of the best duos in the league, but it will be Devonta Smith and AJ instead that will shine and destroy the NFC, and they'll make the Eagles have one of the top wideout rooms in the league. I see Tennessee signing somebody or trading for somebody to help the lack of depth at receiver, because if our top-3 going into week 1 is Woods, Burks, and Nick Westbrook-Ikhine there are going to be problems… I will love you forever Arthur Juan Kanobi, good luck as an Eagle...


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