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Bill Belichick Has a Monster Day in Free Agency

Title Photo: Rey Del Rio / Getty Images

Well. I am sad. I think the New England Patriots are good again. Being a proud Pats-hater, this is a nightmare, but there is a reason to be happy. The rest of my family are Patriots fans, so a least they’ll be happy. Anyway, let’s dive into the historic spending spree that Bill Belichick went on today.

Jonnu Smith, TE - 4 years, $50 Million

Photo: USA TODAY / Titans Wire

Ah, a former Titan. Man, I’m gonna miss this guy. New England, you’ve got a beast. Smith is a monster in the red zone, and after the catch, give Cam Newton/whoever is the 2021 QB a much-needed pass catcher. He also held his own, blocking, when Tennessee had to bring him in due to LT woes. $31.25 million of this deal is guaranteed. This contract is the amount of money that Derrick Henry gets, and Henry’s guarantee is less than that. I believe that this deal is a bit much, but New England is desperate, so they’ll take it.

Matt Judon, EDGE - 4 years, $56 Million

Photo: Terrence Williams / Associated Press

This guy is a manimal. Judon will get to the quarterback no matter what. He and Chase Winovich on the ends is going to be a nightmare for any offensive line in the league. The Pats want to rebuild their Boogyman defense, and they do it here. $32 million is going to Judon in the first two seasons. With all of their opt-outs coming back, the Boogymen will be back in 2021.

Davon Godchaux, DT - 2 years, $16 Million

Photo: USA TODAY / Patriots Wire

This signing essentially replaces Danny Shelton, who left last season of Detroit. Godchaux is a solid player and would do well with the core of, Lawrence Guy, Adam Butler, and Deatrich Wise Jr. He can be a nice role player, as he is a decent pass rusher, and good run plugger. A classic Bill Belichick move.

Jalen Mills, DB - 4 years, $24 Million

Photo: Michell Leff / Getty Images

This move surprised me, as the Patriots secondary is a good one, and will be gain Patrick Chung back, and already boasts JC Jackson and the two McCourty brothers. Mills is a good veteran role player, who would thrive in a small job, like special teams and nickel DB. Maybe this signing happened because Stephon Gilmore will be traded, and depth is needed. This one is a weird signing, but another classic Bill Belichick move.

Nelson Agholor, WR - 2 years, $26 Million

Photo: USA TODAY / Trojans Wire

Agholor escaped the “drops a lot” moniker last season, blossoming into a decent WR. He logged 48 catches, for 896 yards, and eight TDs. Agholor does provide a much-needed deep threat and could mesh well with Jonnu Smith. He will be the number one guy, but more help has to come here This is a start, but the wideout room is thin, and lacks explosiveness.

Kendrick Bourne, WR - 3 years, $22.5 Million

Photo: Michael Zagaris / San Fransico 49ers / Getty Images

Bourne is a nice route runner, and can get open, and is the perfect compliment for Agholor. He was part of the 49ers squad that went to Super Bowl LIV two years ago. I like this signing because it gives New England a nice trio of Bourne, Agholor, and Jakobi Meyers. Bourne will do well in the Josh McDaniels offense for the next three seasons and maybe more.

Final Thoughts

Well, the evil empire has risen (again). These signings do enough to push the Pats into the race with the Bills, and Dolphins, but Bill has to have a good draft. The signings are a start, but the draft is necessary for the Patriots to become a major power once again.


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