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Breaking: Drew Brees Retires, Taysom Hill Gets a Massive Extention

Title Photo: Jonathan Bachman / Getty Images

The football world has lost a legend. Drew Brees has retired. He walks away from football, atop many records, including, passing yards, and passing touchdowns. He will leave a huge hole in the Saints roster, both on and off the field. I am sad that he left, because he was a great underdog story, overcoming adversity in San Diego, having Phillip Rivers behind him, and then playing like an MVP. He then went to the Big Easy, and helped them win a Super Bowl, after Hurricane Katrina. Oh, and he beat Peyton Manning in that Super Bowl. Though he never won an MVP (What!!!), he should be in the conversation on who is the runner up to Tom Brady as the G.O.A.T. (Yes, Brady has it locked up). He will join NBC’s Sunday Night Football broadcasting crew now (Please take Al Micheals’ job)!

The guy replacing him is most likely the Swiss Army Knife, Taysom Hill, not Mr. INT, Jameis Winston. New Orleans restructured Hill’s contract to 4-years $140 million. Now I know you’re saying ‘What! That much! For Taysom! He’s a gadget weapon! Why?’ Let me explain. The Saints have very little cap space, and this Hill extension is clearing $7.5 million. It is also voidable, so it is funny money. Adam Schefter explains this well:

I think Mac Jones may be able to fall to them, but this is highly unlikely. If this does happen, I can see Ryan Fitzpatrick coming and being a mentor. As I said, I expect that this will happen. Will Tondo and I did have a small Twitter exchange, discussing what the future could look like for the Saints, under center.

I do feel bad for Saints fans, though, who have been tortured by the football gods in the playoffs recently. The Minnesota Miracle, then the No Call PI. The next season, the Vikings beat them again, and in 2020, TB12 beat Brees in his last game. New Orleans does have a great core, but their time is running out. Hill or whoever is the quarterback will have to play out of their mind to give the fans their much-deserved title.

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