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Breaking: Tiger Woods Parts Ways With Long-Time Caddie

Updated: May 4, 2023

Insider, Scott Davis

Tiger Woods and his long time caddie have parted ways. Joe LaCava, who has stood by Tiger for 12 years, will no longer be caddying for the 15-time Major Champion. It seems as though the split was friendly and mutual.

According to Sports Illustrated, LaCava's decision to caddy with current World No.4 Patrick Cantlay, beginning with this week's Wells Fargo Championship, is permanent "pending a good working relationship."

Daniel Rapaport Twitter, Barstool Sports

Tiger has had several caddies throughout his career, most notably Steve Williams from 1999 to 2011.

With LeCava now working for Cantlay, who will take over the bag? Will LeCava caddie for Tiger during the majors?

Joey has been caddying for Woods since 2011. He was on the bag during Tiger's 2019 Masters win, seen sporting a Saquon Barkley jersey.

Golf Monthly

LaCava's decision to caddie for Cantlay, a notoriously slow player, makes a ton of sense. After all, the man has a family to feed. However, Tiger paid LaCava a fixed salary on top of the earnings he would win in events. It was also said that Tiger paid Joey a salary for his loyalty during his back surgeries, even with other opportunities waiting for him.

"Joe could have left and had pretty much any bag that was available, his reputation is that solid. But he didn't. He hung in there with me. Joe's a great person and very loyal, and I appreciate it," Tiger said to ESPN's Ian O'Connor in 2019.

After Tiger's triumphant Masters win in 2019, Woods had sent a text to LaCava prior to going to bed that read, "Appreciate you hanging in there with me," it said. "I love you like a brother" (O'Connor, ESPN).

Daniel Rapaport Twitter, Barstool Sports

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Who will caddie for Tiger now? Honestly, I have no clue. It can’t be Steve Williams, who was told he could caddie one weekend for Adam Scott, then found out he was fired that next day by Tiger’s camp. Based on recent posts from Tiger's official social media, it seems his camp is more focused on his rehabilitation than finding a new caddy, so news of any potential candidates is likely a year or so away.

Stevie Williams and Tiger Woods at The Masters, GolfWRX

Instead of finding a new caddy, could Tiger decide to hang it up? Speaking to reporters at the Masters, Jack Nicklaus inferred that an upcoming surgery for Tiger wouldn't happen if he was ready to retire. However, anyone who has followed golf during Woods' career knows that he is not the most open person when it comes to revealing his next move.


My final verdict? Tiger is hurting. He’s a 15-Time Major Champ. He’s one of the most successful athletes on the planet. He doesn’t need to earn money ever again. Tiger’s body doesn't want golf, but his heart needs it.


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