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Buffalo Bills Week 7 Recap: Back in the Win Column

Touchdowns were few and far between, the Bills didn't cover the spread, injuries continue to plague Buffalo, but they won. After losing back to back games to the Titans and Chiefs, the Buffalo Bills were sent a gift from the heavens when they were awarded a week 7 matchup against the winless New York Jets. I couldn't even begin to tell you how many text messages I got from multiple people, mad that the Bills couldn't cover the spread against the Jets. But Josh Allen and the Buffalo Bills aren't in the "covering the spread" business, they're in the "win at all costs" business, and I'll take an ugly win over a loss any day. Today, we'll go over the pro's and con's from the Bills week 7 victory.



Dane Jackson

The rookie cornerback, Dane Jackson is exactly what Buffalo needed going into week 7. Since week one, the defense has been a shadow of it's former self. A long cry away from one of the best defenses in the league like they were over the last few years, head coach Sean McDermott and defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier, knew that this Bills team needed a shot in the arm defensively.

Jackson, the former seventh round pick, played his first ever NFL game on Sunday afternoon, where he secured one interception (something the Bills have been starved of in 2020) and two pass breakups, one of which came on a crucial third down.

Tyler Bass

How could you forget about the potential MVP of the game? Despite going 30/43 for 307 yards, Josh Allen and the offense couldn't tally a single touchdown. The rookie kicker, Tyler Bass, had to pick up where the team left off. The sixth round pick out of Georgia Southern has had his fair share of struggles so far in 2020, but Sunday's game should be a huge boost to his confidence. After missing his first field goal attempt of the afternoon, Bass buckled down and went 6-8, scoring all 18 of the Bills' points.



Penalties, red zone woes

The Bills dominated every facet of this game, until they didn't. It seemed like the Jets really only started showing up once the Bills made it to the red zone, but it wasn't like Buffalo didn't help the Jets out here and there. Buffalo amounted to 11 penalties during week 7, and went 0-5 in the red zone. These are the main things that need to be addressed before the Bills take on the New England Patriots in week 8. Cam Newton, Bill Belichick and the Patriots are coming off of their third straight loss for the first time since 2002; they are going to be hungry, and looking for a huge bounce back victory when they come into Bills Stadium this Sunday.

The injury bug

For the third straight week, Buffalo has been without a few of their key players. The Bills were able to get star cornerback, Tre'Davious White, back on the field for week 7 after he spent the first half of the week with a questionable status, but the team still remains without their second-best wide receiver in John Brown, linebackers Matt Milano and Tyrel Dodson, cornerback Josh Norman, and most recently placed on the COVID reserve list is Buffalo's tight end, Dawson Knox. That's two huge offensive weapon's that Josh Allen was missing during week 7 in Brown and Knox, and even though the Buffalo defense was great against the Jets, they're going to need linebacker Matt Milano back ASAP. Knox should be good to go for week 8.


It was ugly, but it doesn't matter if you win by an inch or by a mile, a win is a win! The Bills move to 5-2, the defense is starting the show signs of life, and hopefully Buffalo can get a few key players back before they take on Cam and the Pats on Sunday.

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Have a great week, Bills Mafia!



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