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Everything College Basketball: Episode 156 - Big12 Preview

The summer preview series takes us to Big 12 country as Peyton is back on the show to help break down the new look Big 12, team by team.

Last season the Big 12 was rated by most pundits as the toughest conference in college basketball from top to bottom and with the additions of 4 new schools, the gauntlet appears to be even more challenging.

  • Does Kansas reclaim the throne yet again?

  • How will Texas & Oklahoma fare in their goodbye season of Big 12 play before heading to the SEC?

  • Baylor, TCU, and West Virginia legit contenders or pretenders?

  • Who makes the biggest impact in their first season in the conference; Houston, Cincinnati, UCF,or BYU?

  • How many teams make the NCAA Tournament?

We go through every team one by one and give you their strengths, weaknesses, and what to expect from them this year in the Big 12!


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