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House Enterprise Fantasy Sports; the real fun begins!

That's right Jim Mora, we're talking playoffs, fantasy playoffs! The fact that it's December and the NFL lasted as this long (knock on wood**), is truly something else. We are right around the corner for the actual NFL postseason. The last few weeks of the season are always exciting, as the playoff picture begins to take shape. The end of the regular season can be beneficial for fantasy owners, or detrimental. If NFL teams lock up those playoff spots and their seedings, they may bench or load manage their star players. Good for the team, not good for the fantasy owners.

With that being said, read below to see the official start to the House Enterprise playoffs, and what is going on with the pick 'em league.


The Fantasy League - Last Place and Playoff Bracket

For this league, the playoffs officially started last week, and it did not disappoint. The play-in game was between the winless Ryan Densen and Bills superfan, Chris Hanold. For the majority of the weekend, Boston Beers was in a demanding lead. That was until the wild Browns/Ravens Monday Night matchup. Ryan had the Browns D and Hanold had Kareem Hunt. Going into that game, Hanold had only a mere 24% of winning. Well... I guess Christmas miracles do exist.

"Don't sleep on the kid" ~ Hanold

"I was forced to play with these hooligans after I said I couldn't play in 3 leagues." ~ Densen

Starting today, we have 8 guys fighting to win the league. Who do you think will win?


The Pick 'Em League - A lot of football still left

Week 14 Results and Standings

Looking at the percentages, nobody is completely off the rails. The top three spots are fairly close, and the bottom half can still pull through. The next few weeks heading into the actual playoffs will be crucial.

Week 15 Picks


We're crying happy tears, let's get ready for the playoffs!


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