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Inside The Booth: Big Bad Bruins Era Night (Saturday, November 18, 2023)

As you've learned by now, the Boston Bruins are well-underway in their 100th season of NHL hockey. One of my favorite Era Nights so far has been their honor of the "Big Bad Bruins," arguably the generation to put the B's on the map in the hockey world and establish their legitimacy.

In the beginning of the game, we celebrated the iconic, early-70s era known for some of the most exciting and memorable moments in all of Boston sports history, including two Stanley Cup Championships. They called the group "characters with character," which created a movement that changed the fabric of the Bruins franchise forever.

At the end of the ceremony, a truly special moment took place. As hockey fans know, the team that wins the Stanley Cup has the honor of hoisting their winning banner to the rafters of their stadium to kick off the following year. But in both 1970 and 1972, the teams walked into the Boston Garden to realize that the banners had already been hoisted. Once the Bruins leadership found out the teams had never done this, they arranged for both teams to revel in their glory together by raising their banners to the TD Garden rafters for the first time.

Here's the Big Bad Bruins era night, with video courtesy of NESN.


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