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It's over. The 2021 Giants football season is finally over. What comes next?


Deep breathes Giants fans, this nightmare is now over. Six straight losses, and the offense behind Jake Fromm closed out the year with a whopping 177 total yards. Fans, that barely showed up today, were leaving by half time. Players seemed to be discouraged, and the current Giants continued to tarnish the reputation of a once great franchise.

This season was plagued with injuries, but no excuses. The Titans lost star players and have locked in the No.1 seed in the AFC. It's been a terrible execution, and it starts from up top. Joe Judge was not the answer. Dave Gettleman set the team back. The cap situation is tapped. It has been quite the tumultuous, god-awful season.

Marquee free agent receiver, Kenny Golladay, ends the season with 521 and zero touchdowns. First rounder Carious Toney couldn't stay on the field all season, while Cowboy's Micah Parsons (who the Giants could have taken), will probably win Defensive Rookie of the Year. This most likely was the last game for players like Will Hernandez, Sterling Sheard, Evan Engram, and Jabrill Peppers.

So what comes next? I penned a blog last week suggesting it's time for a reset.

Dave Gettleman, who deserved to be fired, will "retire" tomorrow. How disgraceful that he got to watch the mess unfold the entire season, where former GM, Jerry Reese was fired midway through even though winning over 90 games and two Super Bowls.

I can't imagine Joe Judge lives to see another day as the head coach. Early indications had him coming back, but there was a 50/50 shot after today's game that he would be let go tomorrow too. I think after his play calling today, his time will come to an end.

I don't know what it's store. A new GM might want their own head coach and own quarterback to build a franchise. But then again, why wouldn't anyone sign up for this job? The ownership needs an awakening, and hopefully they are adaptable to change. The Giants NEED to fix the OLine. They need to restructure cap. Do we lose guys like Saquon, Bradberry, and Martinez because of this? I don't know. It's been a long season, with way too many headaches. Next week, I'll rip up a blueprint, but for now, I thank you for following along. Hopefully change comes soon...


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