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IU basketball is in shambles as players are now fighting with fans in Instagram comments

Many people do not know that I went to IU for a year before transferring to another school. I consider myself a 1 year alum of Indiana University, so every now and then I check in on their sports teams.

We all know their football team is a joke and will be for a long time, but Indiana will always be a "basketball school." It just means more in the state of Indiana right?

Well, I decided to watch some Indiana basketball this weekend and boy it was ugly. They lost at Iowa last week in a pathetic performance and then they were back home against a crappy Northwestern team. Annnnnd, they lost to Northwestern as well which is probably (I hope) rock bottom for this team.

After the game, I went on the IU Barstool Instagram where they posted a pretty generic meme that they post every single year when it comes to IU sports.

Again, this is a pretty standard meme and almost every sports fan has gone through this. Now, I went to read some of the comments, and that's when it got interesting.

Again, I think this is a pretty harmless post by the Barstool Indiana account. The lazy eye comment is kind of funny, but I'm not sure it's the best look to be fighting with fans in comments when the team has completely underachieved so far this season.

I think fans have the right to be pissed off about the team's performance so far. This was the first year in a while where they have palpable hype and they just have not lived up to it so far. Everyone was saying they were gonna win the Big Ten and a lot of people had them ranked in the top 15 in preseason polls. Instead they are 10-5 and are really banking of early wins against Xavier and UNC (who stinks).

I know social media can be overwhelming especially for athletes, but this post is a useless meme.

Crazy idea: maybe just beat Northwestern like you're supposed to and then no one would have to post this.

Indiana's next game: @ Penn State 7:00 PM EST January 11th (today)/


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