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Joint NBA Draft 1st-Round Mock

Trevor Everette & Phil Dexter

With the order for the draft basically secured at this point, it’s time for the release of the official House Enterprise NBA Mock Draft, version 1.0.

For this mock draft, Trevor was given the odd-numbered picks and Phil was given even. We decided the most interesting way to go about this would be to draft from the standpoint of how we would approach each pick if we were in charge of that given team, not necessarily how we think they actually will approach the pick. We also opted not to project any trades as that can get very messy very quickly, but we have pointed out a few spots where we think trades could be an option.


San Antonio Spurs

Victor Wembanyama (Metropolitans 92)

Big | 7'5" | 229lbs

Trevor: I wish I had something for you reading this that you haven’t already read or heard. The Spurs have an opportunity to take a big man with great potential that can shape the next decade or more of their franchise. Does that sound familiar at all?


Charlotte Hornets

Scoot Henderson (G League Ignite)

Guard | 6'2" | 195lbs

Phil: While I’m not sure Scoot is necessarily the ideal fit alongside LaMelo Ball, I think it's being overblown in the draft community a little bit. LaMelo is a good enough three-point shooter that he should be able to adjust to playing off the ball more without too much issue and let’s be honest in any other year, Scoot would very likely be the #1 pick. While Charlotte could fall in love with Miller or Walker and decide to trade down and secure a couple of additional assets for their trouble, if I’m the Hornets I K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple, Stupid).


Portland Trail Blazers

Brandon Miller (Alabama)

Forward | 6'9" | 200lbs

Trevor: Presumably, this pick is being dangled around the league for a win-now player to pair next to Damien Lillard. Assuming they make the pick for the sake of this mock draft, Brandon Miller is the best choice as a versatile wing that can shoot very well with great size as a defender. He could fit well with the Blazers but only time will tell who makes this pick eventually.


Houston Rockets

Jarace Walker (Houston)

Forward | 6'6.50'' | 249lbs

Phil: The Rockets were one of the worst defensive teams in the NBA this past season. With the addition of Ime Udoka as head coach and the potential to add James Harden in free agency it wouldn’t surprise me at all to see the Rockets add another versatile defender to even further solidify their already impressive stable of wings (Jabari Smith Jr., Tari Eason).


Detroit Pistons

Ausar Thompson (Overtime Elite)

Wing | 6'5.75" | 218lbs

Trevor: Pistons fans have every bit of reason to be optimistic about the future of their franchise. A building block of Cade Cunningham, Jaden Ivey, and Jalen Duren all of who are under the age of 21 is an awesome place to be. I am a huge believer in Ausar’s defensive ability and instincts as well as the shot continuing to develop well. If Detroit were to walk away with Ausar Thompson on draft night to add to the group I mentioned above, Detroit's front office and its fan base should walk away from the draft with huge grins on their faces.


Orlando Magic

Amen Thompson (Overtime Elite)

Wing | 6'5.75" | 214lbs

Phil: This is another instance where fit may not be the best but the level of talent is just too high to pass. Thompson is an elite athlete even amongst elite athletes and could have the second-highest ceiling in this class outside of Wembanyama. His outside shot is still a work in progress (to put it kindly) so I can see how a potential backcourt of him and Markelle Fultz could be concerning from a floor-spacing standpoint but I believe they would instantly become one of the more dynamic playmaking duos in the entire NBA.


Indiana Pacers

Taylor Hendricks (UCF)

Forward | 6'8.25'' | 214lbs

Trevor: I LOVE what Taylor Hendricks brings to the table as a seamless fit for any team. The strength, defensive ability, and a good jump shot are a scary combination for a guy who is 6’8” and 215 pounds. Pairing Hendrick’s off-ball ability next to Myles Turner in Indiana is a defensive match made in heaven. Offensively, having a point guard as good as Tyrese Haliburton will unlock even more of Taylor Hendricks' offensive ability as a shooter and off-ball cutter.


Washington Wizards

Cam Whitmore (Villanova)

Wing | 6'5.75" | 235lbs

Phil: The Wizards need a point guard badly but with Whitmore still on the board and most of the guards available fitting more of a combo mold, I have to give the Zards the best available player. Whitmore is a freight train of a wing scorer who will be able to help replace Kyle Kuzma’s production should he walk in free agency.


Utah Jazz

Jalen Hood-Schifino (Indiana)

Guard | 6'4.25'' | 217lbs

Trevor: As the Jazz showed last year, they have a good thing going with their core. They are in a position to go get their young lead guard for the future. I project Hood-Schifino as being more dynamic as a point guard that can score the ball very well when his team needs it as opposed to a “combo guard”. His size and defensive potential can unlock exceptional potential as Utah continues to build a young, winning roster.


Dallas Mavericks

Gradey Dick (Kansas)

Wing | 6'6.25'' | 204lbs

Phil: Dick is exactly the type of unselfish, smooth-shooting, defensively sound wing that this Mavericks team has been searching for. Dick’s ability to affect the game despite rarely needing to touch the ball would be a welcome addition to a team heavy on ball-dominant, score-first personalities.


Orlando Magic

(Via Chicago Bulls)

Keyonte George (Baylor)

Guard | 6'4" | 185lbs

Trevor: If this pick is not used to move up or down depending on a potential target falling, I would be shocked. If I were Orlando, I think Keyonte’s unique skill set as a scorer and secondary playmaker is exactly what Orlando needs to fill out their backcourt. George has good defensive instincts and can grow into a very good defender on most 1s and 2s in the NBA.


Oklahoma City Thunder

Rayan Rupert (NZ Breakers)

Wing | 6'6'' | 193lbs

Phil: Oklahoma City could go in a hundred different directions with this pick including trading it, which I believe may actually be the most likely scenario whether to move up or give themselves a chance of acquiring a top pick next year. If Sam Presti does keep the pick I think Rupert makes a lot of sense. The Thunder have a fantastic track record for development and tend to be one of the more patient teams in the league which would serve Rupert well as he is still considered pretty raw offensively not to mention playing alongside elite shot creators like SGA and Josh Giddey tends to make things a little easier.


Toronto Raptors

Cason Wallace (Kentucky)

Guard | 6'2.50" | 195lbs

Trevor: I do think depending on the direction they decide to go in, a swing on a young, high-potential guy like G.G. Jackson, Bilal Coulibaly, or Leonard Miller is definitely in play. However, as you read in the introduction paragraph, this is what Phil or I would do if we were drafting as these teams. If a guy with the level of defensive ability Cason has is on the board, the Raptors should be sprinting to the podium. I am very excited for whatever team ends up taking Wallace.


New Orleans Pelicans

Anthony Black (Arkansas)

Guard | 6'5.75" | 210lbs

Phil: The Pelicans would be ecstatic if Black slid to them. At 6’7 with the offensive skillset of a point guard, Black gives the Pelicans another primary playmaking option to take some of the burden off of CJ McCollum and Brandon Ingram. Not to mention Black’s length and versatility as a defender would add to the already impressive cupboard the Pelicans have been filling.


Atlanta Hawks

Dariq Whitehead (Duke)

Wing | 6'5.75'' | 217lbs

Trevor: This pick is for a couple of reasons. I think the fit in Atlanta is very good. I believe in his defensive upside long-term. Dariq is someone who all year has been higher on my board than consensus so obviously I am going to take him in a mock draft where I am the one making the picks. His fit as a defender in a small ball lineup next to Trae Young and DeJounte Murray or as a backup three and D wing is perfect for Atlanta given the uncertain future of their roster.


Utah Jazz

(Via Minnesota Timberwolves)

Brice Sensabaugh (Ohio State)

Wing | 6'6" | 235lbs

Phil: The Jazz already addressed their need at the point guard position earlier in this draft at #9 with JHS which gives them a little bit more flexibility in terms of the direction they can go with this pick and I wouldn’t be surprised to see a trade here. That said, if the Jazz keep the pick, I think this would be a good opportunity to take a swing for the fences on Sensabaugh. I’m admittedly higher on Sensabaugh than most (#7 on my board) but I believe he has future scoring champion written all over him. Although he may not be the best fit on a roster already featuring numerous shoot-first guards, Sensabaugh is too talented of a scorer to slip passed this pick.


Los Angeles Lakers

Jett Howard (Michigan)

Wing | 6'8" | 215lbs

Trevor: Although I believe Jett goes earlier, I also think this could be a great fit for both player and team. The Lakers need a guy who can shoot lights out from three and be a plus defender with size. Jett Howard fits that description to a T. Sometimes we as a draft community can overthink prospects or their fits and this is one of those instances where Jett is built to succeed in the modern NBA.


Miami Heat

Maxwell Lewis (Pepperdine)

Wing | 6'6.25'' | 207lbs

Phil: With Kyle Lowry entering the twilight of his career and Jimmy Butler presumably not too far behind the Heat, I would take a gamble that the “Heat Culture” can develop Lewis into a star. The knock on Lewis has been that his impressive offensive stats didn’t translate to team success at Pepperdine but the Heat pride themselves on their culture of hard work, unselfishness, and commitment to winning, and with guys like Pat Riley, Jimmy Butler, and Bam Adebayo around to mentor him I would expect Lewis to get the most out of his immense talent in a situation like Miami.


Golden State Warriors

Jordan Hawkins (UConn)

Guard | 6'4.25'' | 186lbs

Trevor: Can you imagine how many miles Jordan Hawkins would run in the Warriors system? He is one the best shooters both on and off the ball in this year's class and what better person to learn from than the greatest shooter of all time, Stephen Curry? This would be an even better pick if they are able to move off Jordan Poole's horrible contract as Hawkins would be a cheaper replacement.


Houston Rockets

(Via Los Angeles Clippers)

Dereck Lively II (Duke)

Big | 7'1" | 230lbs

Phil: I love the fit here for Lively with the Rockets. As previously mentioned, the Rockets were awful on defense, so adding the best rim protector in this draft is icing on the cake after getting quite possibly the most versatile defender in Jarace Walker with the 4th pick. Lively would make up for many of Alperen Sengun’s limitations defensively and because of Sengun’s improving outside shooting ability and Lively’s potential to grow into someone who can step out to three-point range, I think they could actually fit on the floor well together as a modern Twin Towers pairing.


Brooklyn Nets

(Via Phoenix Suns)

Bilal Coulibaly (Metropolitans 92)

Wing | 6'6" | 230lbs

Trevor: As you can see by the Nets' two picks here, we are clearly going all in on the rebuild by taking uber-talented, high-upside guys for the future in Brooklyn. The value of Coulibaly in the twenties in this year's class would be awesome for any team he ends up on. However, there is one thing Nets fans will need with these two picks.



Brooklyn Nets

Gregory "GG" Jackson II (South Carolina)

Forward | 6'8.25'' | 214lbs

Phil: With the future of Ben Simmons still uncertain, I think it makes sense for the Nets to take a shot on GG’s potential as a dynamic 6’9 shot creator. There are plenty of warranted concerns surrounding Jackson’s floor but in the NBA there is nothing worse than toiling in mediocrity so sometimes you have to take a gamble when the youngest player in this class (who would’ve been the favorite to go #1 in the 2024 draft before he reclassified) falls into your lap with the 22nd pick.


Portland Trail Blazers

(Via New York Knicks)

Trayce Jackson-Davis (Indiana)

Forward | 6'8.25'' | 240lbs

Trevor: If Portland sticks to the win-now plan with Lillard, the second most productive college player last year is a great piece to slide in immediately for Portland. The combination of passing and physicality is a unique blend that Jackson-Davis can use to his advantage as a 4 in the NBA or a small ball 5. I believe in his shot continuing to develop despite not being in a stretch big friendly offense at Indiana. If it comes together for Trayce, teams will have a lot to take into consideration when he is on the floor.


Sacramento Kings

Leonard Miller (G League Ignite)

Forward | 6'9.25'' | 213lbs

Phil: It’s at this point in the mock that I start to sound like a broken record but in my mind, you get to a certain point where the higher-ceiling guys win out. The highest-rated players left on my board (Colby Jones and Kobe Bufkin) would both be kind of redundant additions for the Kings and although I think there is a strong likelihood Sacramento would double-dip into the Murray family tree, I believe Miller’s potential is significantly higher than Murray’s.


Memphis Grizzlies

Kobe Bufkin (Michigan)

Guard | 6'4.25'' | 187lbs

Trevor: Based on the way the Grizzlies have drafted recently, I think Bufkin is a great choice. He is a versatile player on both sides of the ball and specifically will slide in very well in a role where he won’t need the ball in his hands to be effective. Memphis is one of the youngest teams in the league and can continue to build upon the talent they have and Bufkin will find a way to be effective in his role next to Ja Morant, Desmond Bane, and Jaren Jackson Jr. This is the Dillon Brooks replacement they are looking for.


Indiana Pacers

(Via Cleveland Cavaliers)

Colby Jones (Xavier)

Wing | 6'4.50" | 199lbs

Phil: I could see this being another spot where a trade makes a lot of sense with a team like the Knicks who could be looking to get into the 1st round or if the Pacers choose to package it with #29 to move up. If not though I think after having already added to their frontcourt with Taylor Hendricks the Pacers would be smart to add a versatile guard/wing in Jones with Buddy Hield entering the final year of his deal. There would be a lot of very fun possible lineup combinations with Haliburton, Mathurin, Nembhard, and Jones all able to play essentially interchangeable roles.


Charlotte Hornets

(Via Denver Nuggets)

Terquavion Smith (NC State)

Guard | 6'2.50'' | 163lbs

Trevor: The Hornets are in a position to take a scoring guard after the James Bouknight experience didn’t go as planned. One of the best microwave scorers in this class can stay in state for high school, college and now playing in the NBA. This pick is in no way saying I don’t think Bryce McGowens (who I ranked 26th on my final 2022 big board) can crack the Hornets rotation next year. It is a testament to how much I believe in Terquavion Smith's ability to be a contributor in the NBA.


Utah Jazz

(Via Philadelphia 76ers)

Nick Smith Jr. (Arkansas)

Guard | 6'5" | 185lbs

Phil: I would be floored if the Jazz used all three of their allotted first-round picks but for the purpose of this exercise, they are making this pick. They probably wouldn’t take Nick Smith Jr. with this pick if they had already added JHS and Brice Sensabaugh and they probably shouldn’t. But I would. I’m of the mindset that in order to give yourself the best opportunity to win you have to have a superstar-caliber player and you throw as many darts at that board as you have to until you find one. Smith Jr. was a consensus projected top-5 pick coming into the season and is absolutely worth a “dart”. Not to mention it would give Utah the flexibility to move on from Collin Sexton.


Indiana Pacers

(Via Boston Celtics)

James Nnaji

Big | 6'10" | 198lbs

Trevor: If you haven’t watched James Nnaji's film at all, go and watch it RIGHT NOW. When you’re finished, watch it again. There isn’t a more explosive, raw talent waiting to be unlocked by a patient NBA team in this year's draft class than Nnaji. He is ridiculously athletic, has incredible power, and has shown signs of great defensive ability. For those of you looking at his stats, spare me. He was the backup big man on one of the best teams in the world (FC Barcelona), in one of the best leagues in the world (Liga ACB). Did I mention he will be 18 years old on draft night? Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show Pacer fans!


Los Angeles Clippers

(Via Milwaukee Bucks)

Kris Murray (Iowa)

Forward | 6'7.75'' | 213lbs

Phil: The Clippers are in a position where they don’t really have the luxury of gambling on upside or the time to develop a guy who may need a year in the G-League. Their window is closing, rapidly. They need someone who can step in and contribute immediately and Murray might be their best bet. While he isn’t quite as athletically gifted as his brother, Kris is a solid shooter and polished post scorer who could spell Kawhi Leonard nicely throughout the regular season in order to keep him fresh for a postseason run.


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