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Mattress Mack Wins Record-Breaking $75M After Astros Win World Series

The Houstons Astros defeated the Philadelphia Phillies on Saturday night 4-1 and became the 2022 World Series Champions. Mattress Mack, the Houston mattress and furniture business man, now is the biggest winner in sports gambling history after winning $75 million on the Astros winning the world series.

In addition to winning the 75 million, he also threw out the first pitch on Saturday night. Mattress Mack had a pretty insane Saturday.

Congrats to the Astros as well on a great season. As a Mets fan, while we had a horrible and disappointing end to our season and the Phillies losing makes me feel slightly better. The Astros were the best team all year long, and while I hate them for cheating back in 2017, you can't deny how great they were this year.

Also shoutout to House Enterprise Co-founder, Jake Zimmer on correctly predicting the number of games and winner! #Strosin6


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