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Mets To Hire Carlos Mendoza As Manager

According to ESPN's Jeff Passan, the Mets have hired Carlos Mendoza to be their new manager. Mendoza has spent the last four years as bench coach for the New York Yankees.

This is not the guy I wanted nor the guy I thought the Mets were going to hire. I thought that Craig Counsell was a done deal especially with Stearns now working with the Mets. The first big move in the Stearns era: failure.

Any guy coming from the Yankees who has no past managerial experience is a recipe for disaster. My prediction is that he will manage for 1 year, it will go very very poorly and then we are back to this cycle next offseason of the Mets trying to find their long term guy.


As I'm writing this blog, it is being reported that Craig Counsell is heading to the Cubs to become their next manager. David Ross is OUT and Counsell is in. My guess is that the Mets were really banking on Counsell, and he declined and then they had to go to their shitty plan B which is Mendoza.

Gonna be a long season of mediocrity in Queens.


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