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Orlando Arcia might be the biggest clown of all time

The Phillies WHOMPED the Braves and sent them back to Atlanta with their tails between their legs. One of the most dominant teams of all time choked in preposterous fashion and got sent home by the Phillies for the 2nd year in a row.

We can blame a lot of Braves for the loss, but we'd be extremely stupid to not blame Orlando Arcia for the Braves collapse. He woke up the beast in Bryce Harper. He woke up the beast in Nick Castellanos. And then with the season on the line—quite literally their final game of the season—Orlando Arcia was more concerned with yelling back-and-forth with Philly fans from the dugout than the actual game itself.

A complete moron who's legacy is now cemented with this what just transpired. He is a complete bum who only made it to first base once last night on a walk. And as soon as he got to first, Atlanta put a pinch runner in for him. That coward was literally too terrified of Bryce Harper to even stand on base next to him. Arcia went 2-13 with one singular RBI in the playoffs.

That video is the complete definition of rattled. Arcia legit looks like he's gone insane and that Phillies fans really got into his head. You can even

The Phillies also trolled Arcia after the game by wearing "ATTA BOY HARPER" t-shirts in the clubhouse which is what Arcia said in the clubhouse following the Braves game 2 victory.

Shoutout to the Phillies intern or operational person who got these shirts so fast. Respect on the level of commitment to troll those loser Braves.

Fuck the Braves, Fuck Blooper and Fuck Buster Olney.

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