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Phillies fans spent the game last night throwing hot dogs at each other

I guess 1 dollar hot dog night at the Phillies game turned into a full on food fight. To be fair, the Phillies were getting KILLED by the Marlins so there was really nothing else to do except start throwing hot dogs.

It's a bummer cuz for a dollar, I would 100% eat my hot dog instead of throwing it. I paid $20 at Citi Field for a hotdog and a diet coke last weekend. It is absolutely absurd how expensive stadium food is now.

The line was also INSANE and I'm not sure if I would wait in this line.

But anyways, the hot dog throwing is the most Philly sports fan thing ever. They can't just enjoy the hot dogs and the game, they gotta turn the whole even into a food fight.

I will it admit it is a great way to get fans to come out to the game to see a mid baseball team (the Phillies) get destroyed by the Marlins.


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