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Titans Key Free Agents - Who Stays, Who Goes, and More

With the Super Bowl over, and no football for a good 7 months, the only place to look is to the offseason. The Tennessee Titans have many key free agents, and not much money to throw around, so some tough decisions will have to be made. In this blog, I will cover who are the guys Tennessee will resign, and who will be brought in to replace them.

PHOTO CREDIT: Douglas DeFelice / USA TODAY Sports

Cap Casualties

According to Over the Cap, the Titans have $3,079,736 cap space, which is a very small amount. Due to this, Titans fans might as well say bye to Adam Humpries, who will most likely be a cap casualty. He will be paid $6.75 million in 2021, and if Tennessee cuts him, they can free up some space. Another cap causality is safety Kenny Vaccaro. He has been productive, but in 2020 his play tailed off. Along with the nice play of Amani Hooker, Vaccaro may be on the way out. He is slated to make $5 million in 2021, so he is a prime player to say goodbye to. Here is a less likely player to get cut. Malcolm Butler. Butler played like a number one cornerback, and lived up to the huge contract that Tennessee gave him. The only problem is that he is set to make just over $11 million, next season. I can see the Titans cutting him, resigning Desmond King for cheaper, and drafting a cornerback early. But the most likely Butler will remain, and he may have his deal restructured, so that Tennessee can have more wiggle room.

What Will Happen - Humphries goes, as he eats too much money, Vaccaro leaves, as well, because of Hooker’s emergence. Butler on the other hand stays, and Jon Robinson will try to restructure his contract.

Free-Agent Predictions

PHOTO CREDIT: David Zalubowski / Associated Press

WR - Corey Davis

Davis’ 5th-year option was declined, and rightfully so, as he was not producing like a top 5 pick. He had a career year in 2020, so he is in for a rich payday. I think the Titans just don’t have the money to resign him, and Davis is the definition of inconsistent. I can see them going for a cheaper option, such as Marvin Jones, or try and bring in Super Bowl Champ Chris Godwin. Whatever happens with Davis, Jon Robinson will have to figure out the WR2, and WR3 positions and AJ Brown can’t carry the potion on his back. Maybe they will try to draft someone, as this draft is filled with pass catchers.

What Will Happen - Tennessee loses a bidding war, and Davis walks. Marvin Jones arrives in Nashville on a 2 year, $10 million contract. In the third round of the 2021 draft, the Titans go for Elijah Moore to be WR3.

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TE - Jonnu Smith

Smith had a great start to the season, and really made life easier for fantasy managers who needed a quality tight end. But as the injuries began to pile up on the left tackle position, he had to stay and protect Ryan Tannehill, and his production declined. Smith is cheaper than Davis and is a nice weapon to have, as he is speedier than most tight ends. Expect Jonnu back in two-tone blue next year.

What Will Happen - Smith gets resigned, on a multi-year deal, with $7 million per year.

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OLB - Jadeveon Clowney

Oh god, why does he have a chance of coming back! Well, after Clowney’s failed season, he looks to be on the move again, right? Well, actually, he will cost around just $6 million, so he is a candidate to come back. Like I mentioned before, Tennessee has little cap, and with prime pass rushers like Matt Judon, and Shaq Barrett being expensive, Clowney could come back and have a nice bounce-back year. If he doesn’t get signed, which is another possibility, expect Robinson to raid the free-agent market, as well as the draft, looking for a nice EDGE to compliment Harold Landry.

What Will Happen - Clowney resigns on a 1 year contract, worth $5-6 million.

PHOTO CREDIT: Jack Dempsey / Associated Press

MLB - Jayon Brown

Brown is great in pass coverage, but like almost everyone on defense, he took a huge step back in 2020. With the emergence of David Long, is the fan-favorite going to pack his bags soon? I say most likely. Mike Vrabel likes Rashaan Evans, so Brown may be gone. The only way I see him coming back is if he gets resigned, and Evans gets traded, which is highly unlikely.

What Will Happen - Brown leaves, and David Long becomes the starter.

PHOTO CREDIT: Ben Margot / Associated Press

DB - Desmond King

King was traded for a 6th round pick, and energized the defense right away as he took a fumble all the way back in his first game, vs. the Bears. He is a good slot corner, and can be utilized as a blitzer, and safety. The only problem is the cap, once again. If Tennessee moves on from Butler, then King should be back. Or if Butler’s deal gets restructured, then King could be welcomed back. I just don’t see the Titans wanting to throw money at King, as Smith and Davis are bigger priorities, along with the EDGE position.

What Will Happen - King walks, as Tennessee simply doesn’t have the money to sign him.

Final Thoughts

The Titans will get their pass rusher, either through the draft or free agency, or both. They will have to resign Smith, and if they don’t resign Davis they must bring someone in, via free agency. Expect Tennessee to be busy signing replacements. We might as well say bye to Adam Humphries, Kenny Vaccaro, and Jayon Brown. Jon Robinson will have to regain his drafting form as well, as a good draft, and nice signings could lead to a Super Bowl berth (look at the Buccaneers 2020 draft, and how they helped them so much).

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