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The Amazins in Astoria: May 2-May 9

Updated: May 17, 2022

Image: MLB

Welcome back to the Amazins in Astoria, a season long diary where I chronicle my life in relation to the 2022 New York Mets.

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May 2nd-Game 24 vs. Atlanta Braves (16-7) (Also, the 2022 Met Gala)

In honor of the Met Gala taking place at the same time as the Mets 5-2 loss to the Braves, here is my Hot or Not list for the game:

Hot-Designating Robinson Cano for assignment: I hate to see any guy cut from a Major League roster, but with Cano's early season slash line, superior second base skills from Luis Guillorme, and Buck's inclination to get the most out of this lineup, hitting Robinson with the DFA was the right move.

Not-Mets Bats: The Mets struck out a total of 10 times on Monday night, leaving 7 runners stranded. Is one slow offensive game the end of the world? No, but after doing it just two days after the loss to Philly on Saturday, I hope it doesn't become a trend over the next few weeks.

Not-Bad Zones: Even outside of that Bassitt missed strike 3 call, Chad Fairchild's zone all night was way out of whack.

Hot-Sportsmanship: After botching that strike call, Fairchild acknowledged his error to Bassitt, and the two seemed to make up. Baseball, bringing people together since 1876!

Hot-Brandon Nimmo- Once again, Brandon Nimmo helps make the case for the Mets having one of the top outfields in the league by making a grab against the wall to rob Acuna of a homer in the 7th.

Not-The Shift- A common argument for the shift is telling batters to simply "hit the ball the other way." While some may decry that argument as a silly oversimplification of a complicated part of the game, the Braves proved that it's a way more effective strategy than you think, as they bring in like 2-3 runs tonight by just knocking the ball in empty parts of the field.

May 3rd-Game 25 (16-8) and Game 26 (17-8) vs. Atlanta Braves

Another day, another doubleheader. It might just be me, but I feel like it's getting a bit excessive this early in the season. I'm a bit too busy at work to listen to the first game, but based on the phone buzzes I'm getting, I'll be happy when I check the highlights. A good start to the day offensively as the Mets take it 5-4, but the craziest highlight is no doubt Adam Ottovino in the 6th inning. Whether he was able to get Duvall down because of his own ability or Duvall's bad eye is unclear, but those breaking balls were some of the nastiest I've ever seen.

As my Subway home pulls into Times Square, the conductor announces potential connections to the tune of a Jackson 5 song; "Connections are available to the A, B, C, as well as the 1, 2, 3...."

He tried to keep going, but considering how many lines intersect at the station, his rhyme scheme completely falls apart; "You can also catch the N, Q, W, and the D, E, 7..."

I make it home in time to watch a 2nd game that's nothing special, but just an overall solid performance. Dom Smith gets the Mets up early in the 1st inning, driving in 2 runs on an RBI double. Carlos Carrasco, who continues to blow expectations out of the water, fans 5 over 8 innings. Alonso smokes one in the 6th to make it 3-0, and Lugo finishes it out to secure the win.

Aside from the big boys of the lineup, a lot of credit for today's wins should really go to some of the guys still finding their place in the rotation; Guillorme, Nido, and my boy Jankowski, who went 2-for-3 in Game 1. This team is fun, this team is good, and this team is DEEP.

May 4th-Game 27 vs. Atlanta Braves (18-8)

The 4th is not with these Mets today, as the Braves shellack them in a Wednesday matinee. It's the first series that the Mets don't win, but hey, at least it's not the first one they lose. On a plus side for the day, I finally situate my Lindor bobblehead on my desk, which, in my opinion, really brings the whole office together. Interior design is my real passion.

May 5th-Game 28 vs. Philadelphia Phillies (18-9)

By the time my roommate gets home and asks if I want to go out to dinner, the Mets are down 6-0 in the 5th. It's been an absolutely miserable night so far; Harper and Castellanos go back-to-back with homers, Aaron Nola is smoking the Mets, and we've got the wrong Taijuan Walker on the mound today.

To preserve my sanity, I decide to hit Broadway to see where I can drown my sorrows in food. It's Cinco de Mayo, and all the restaurants are pretty packed, so instead of tacos and margaritas, I settle for some poutine and a cider at a less crowded bar. They have the game on, and while I'm there, Marte homers to left center. A nice consolation, but definitely not enough to mount a comeback.

As I'm walking up the stairs back to my apartment, my phone starts buzzing like crazy;

Francisco Lindor Homers to right center. Starling Marte scores. The Mets still trail 7-3.

Mark Canha singles on a ground ball. Pete Alonso scores. The Mets still trail 7-4.

J.D Davis doubles on a sharp line drive to left. Jeff McNeil scores. The Mets still traill 7-5.

No way.

I spring upstairs and get the tv on. In the top of the 9th with 2 outs, Brandon Nimmo rockets one to center field, bringing home Canha, and Jankowski, who wheels around the bases like a maniac. In his quest to retain this roster spot, he's become one of the best pinch runners in the National League. Marte doubles to make it 8-7, and Diaz cleans up the bottom of the inning to finish one of the best comebacks I've ever seen since I started watching the Mets in junior high.

May 6th and 7th-Rained out

Some storms in Philly push back games on Friday and Saturday, giving me a few more days to relish in the disappointment of Phillies fans.

May 8th-Game 29 (19-9) and 30 (19-10) vs. Philadelphia Phillies

I'm in the movies seeing Dr. Strange for the second time this weekend, so I miss the Mets 3-2 loss in Game 1. Nothing too eventful in the highlights, just an all-around lackluster performance from the Amazins. Scherzer gets 7 down on strikes, but gives up 3 runs that the Mets just decide not to match.

Game 2 is a much better showing for the boys. Pete Alonso is no doubt the star of this one, cranking 2 homers for 5 rbis on the day. His 2nd blast, a 3 run shot in 5th, has Gary Cohen hyped before Pete evens completes his swing. I don't know what changed in Alonso's diet these past two weeks, but something has clicked, and he leads the Mets to 20 wins before any other team in the Majors.


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