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The Bronx Tales: Is it time to panic? Two late losses put Yankees in a spiral downward.


The Yankees were swept by the Cardinals earlier this week, and all hell was breaking lose. Things were looking bleak, until the bats woke up in the first game of the Seattle series. Jamo pitched a gem, the team was back to their winning ways. All was well in the Yankee world...

Then, the sky began to fall. Matt Carpenter broke his foot and the wheels quite literally fell off. Two more games and two more brutal L's.

A 1-0 loss in the 13th inning after a 7 inning 8 strikeout Cole game.

A 4-3 loss after Nestor drops 10k's and Judge hits his 45th homer.

The losses are concerning, but I understand the skids. Shit happens. The Yankees were playing at a parabolic level, and it was bound to return back to reality, and injuries were going to mount up.

What's concerning is the record against inevitable playoff competitors, both on the AL and NL scale.

  • Astros: 2-4

  • Mets: 0-2

  • Cardinals: 0-3

  • Mariners: 2-4

And that doesn't even include the AL East. That's pitiful. Like inexcusable. How can you expect the Yankees to do anything come this fall?

Complacency has hit, yet the Yankees still hold a 10 game lead of the AL East. They now head to Boston, where Fenway hasn't been to friendly to them recently. Domingo is on the mound, and scaries continue to mount...


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