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The College Hoops Digest Gambling Show: S1V3 - Week of January 25th, 2022

Welcome on back. We're coming into week three and let's check out the standings.

  1. Will Tondo (8-5)

  2. Sam Basel (3-5)

  3. Jake Zimmer (7-6)

  4. Josh Adams (6-6)

We made it clear this week, the only requirement from here on out? Bring Winners.

We've learned a lot the past week. Marquette is legit, while Seton Hall stock is falling. Wagner is making waves in the NEC, and can Alabama make a comeback? Also... -20 spreads are not our friends. 7 weeks until the madness! If you missed our spaces, here's the recap in podcast form.


Week 3 Picks

Week 2 Results


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