The Joe Judge era is officially over and Brian Flores needs to be on a plane to New Jersey yesterday


I mean, this was what all fans wanted, but news broke yesterday that Judge was sticking around. John Mara met with him twice, and probably opened up Twitter a couple times, and reversed his decision. It sucks, and I wish Joe Judge worked out. He had his moments, but the experiment was a failure.

He was a first time head coach trying to act like Bill Belichick. The failure wasn't his approach necessarily, but the fact that he was a first time coach with one of the worst GMs in recent history. He lost the last six games, made excuses, and ultimately lost the respect of not only the locker room, but the fans too.

He shot himself in the foot the last few weeks, and I am blessed the Giants are hitting the reset. Let the new General Manager choose their own head coach. Let them build the culture and build a winning team.

I blogged a few options last week, but that was before the Dolphins did the unthinkable and relieved Brian Flores of his duties.

He took a Dolphins team with Ryan Fitzpatrick and Josh Rosen to 5-11 in 2018, to a 19-14 record in the following two seasons. He was building something special in Miami, who head a productive offense and a top tier defense. This year alone he won 8 of his last 9, including a dominating win over the Patriots.

Flores overachieved with the Dolphins, but he and owner Stephen Ross reportedly didn’t agree on much—especially on Tua Tagovailoa. If the Giants want to make this work, then the GM would need to be in favor. He'll be a hot commodity this offseason, and I hope the Giants can swoop in and hire him. He comes from the New England coaching tree, which might cause some skeptics, but he has what it takes to rebuild a franchise. If the Giants go with Adam Peters (Patriots 2003-2008) or Adrian Wilson (Pats 2013), who have ties with Flores, then maybe it's a match made in heaven.

For now, we can celebrate with the reset button, but the job isn't done let. Hopefully ownership doesn't let us down...