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The Rose returns to the Garden. Knicks strike a deal with the Pistons to land point guard D-Rose

The trade deadline is over a month away, but the Knicks make a trade, and it's surprisingly good? After playing competitive basketball the past few weeks and stringing along with some impressive wins, the Knicks strike their first move to help improve the team. On Sunday, the Pistons send point guard Derrick Rose for Knick's guard Dennis Smith Jr. and a future second-round pick.

This trade came out of the blue, and nobody is complaining. Derrick Rose has rejuvenated his career and it didn't cost the Knicks anything. New York shipped off Dennis Smith Jr. (who recently joined the G-League to help restart his career) and a 2nd round pick (which was from the Hornets). This seems like a win-win for both teams. So what does this trade truly mean for the Knicks?

Reunited and it feels so good

Rose rejoins the Knicks after he spent the 2016 season with the team. The true reunion is with Head Coach Tom Thibodeau. Thibs coached Rose in Chicago, where he was the youngest MVP in NBA history back in 2011. The relationship is there and Thibodeau can unlock the full potential out of Rose, as he has already done a good job managing the Knicks and guiding them to victories.

An upgrade at the PG position

D-Rose is certainly an upgrade at the point. Austin Rivers knows his role and provides solid depth to the position. Elfrid Payton on the other hand has been difficult to watch in recent games. The offense desperately needs more efficient scoring, and Rose provides a new threat. EP flashes occasionally nights here and there but isn't as efficient as Rose. So far this season, Rose is averaging around 14 points on 43% shooting.

Ideally, Rose would take over as the true "6th man". Rose has been coming off the Pistons bench the past two seasons and would be the primary ball-handler and floor general for the 2nd unit. Having this would help elevate rookie sensation, Immanuel Quickley, to the starting lineup.

Mentoring the Rooks

DRose has been with the team for as much time as a cup of coffee, and he has already had dinner with the team's newest members, IQ and Obi Toppin. The value of having a former MVP instill confidence and help grow the future of the team is surely worth the trade itself. Rose and Quickley not only share the same position, but they share the bond of being coached by John Calipari.

All-in-all, this is a solid move for the Knicks. It is a low risk-high reward trade. Rose is available tonight against the Miami Heat. Let's hope DRose can help create momentum and push the Knicks into the playoffs.


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