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USC knocks off #8 UCLA in thrilling upset

I don't think people realized that when I chose USC to be my college football team, it meant that I was going to be rocking with USC for hoops too.

Now, I wanna preference and say that I think college hoops is a lot more popular in LA than college football. People genuinely seem to care more about basketball than football. I could be wrong but I think the fact that people don't need to drive 90 mins to see a game might be a small reason why.

Anyways, last night USC faced off against #8 UCLA at home. USC narrowly lost to UCLA a few weeks ago. USC is a decent basketball school, but their opportunities to make a case for the tourney are fleeing.

In a thrilling game, USC erased a 12 point halftime deficit last night and handed the Bruins their second straight loss.

The MVP of the game? Boogie Ellis. No doubt about it.

A few weeks ago when USC lost, it was Boogie Ellis's fault as he unraveled down the stretch and committed an offensive foul that shifted momentum late.

Last night was a redemption game for Boogie. He scored 27 of his career high 31 points in the second half. He led a 27-6 second half run that put the Trojans ahead for good.

USC is not 15-6 on the year and 7-3 in the Pac-12. They are just one game behind UCLA in the Pac-12 standings which some probably couldn't fathom a couple months ago.

My good friend, Caleb Williams was also at the game. It's still a touchy subject but I do still so bad for him and the way his defense let him down.

In ESPN's last updated bracketology, USC was listed as the first four out. Hopefully with this win they can now be moved into the last four in. Still a lot of ball to be played but definitely a good win to bolster the tournament resume.

Next game: vs Washington State February 2

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