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Yo.. what the just happened. Yankees traded Gio and Gary for Josh Donaldson and Isiah Kiner-Falefa

We asked for Cashman make a move and this is what he did. Oh my gosh, I am at a loss of fucking words. What the hell just happened? This can't be it, right?

My last two blogs were literally saying that it's now or never for Gary as catcher, and that Gio is a perfectly fine third baseman but they could upgrade, and now we have neither nor did we upgrade.

1 year of Gary and 2 years for Gio for 2 years of both IKF and Donaldson. I am so confused. I mean they both can play defense and can hit? Or can they not?

Honestly, we took two steps forward and five steps back. Let's unpack this further...

  • Kiner-Falefa was long a target for the Yankees, and meaning he will be the shortstop until Volpe or Peraza are ready. So no Correa. No Story. No Gio. A STOP GAP. Which also means, the Yankees are going to prospect hunt. He has a very good glove, but not a great bat.

  • Yanks are taking on all of the $50M that Donaldson is owed. 2 years, $50M of a guy who does not get along with our $300M ace... Are we serious?! Also, I thought we were concerned about the money??

  • Unless they are resigning Rizzo, getting Freeman, or trading for Olson, then DJLM and Voit are platooning first base.

  • Who is starting at catcher?!

So looking at the infield at the moment.

First Base: DJ LeMahieu / Luke Voit

Second Base: Gleyber Torres / DJ LeMahieu

Shortstop: Isiah Kiner-Falefa / Gleyber Torres

Third Base: Josh Donaldson / DJ LeMahieu

Catcher: Kyle Higashioka / Ben Rortvedt

Knee jerk reaction, we stink! We got worse... Gio and Gary were slow, and shuffle needed to happen

Okay, Donaldson was an MVP, but he is regressing, he is more of a DH, and Kiner-Falefa is a defensive shortstop, but his bat is so-so. I am going to miss Gio, not gonna lie, and heck, I'll miss Gary too. Listen he was a frustration, but are they going to upgrade at catcher now?? This is how it ends? Man...

I hope this is not the last move, could the Yankees call the Athletics for catcher Sean Murphy, along with 1B Matt Olson and SP Sean Manaea? But who else is on the move? Is Torres on his way out? How do you fix this infield? I am seriously so freaking confused.

I hope that I am wrong that something works out, but man, this is atrocious and I am disgusted.


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