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Last night, I woke up at 3:30 AM to go to the bathroom. I briefly looked at my phone and saw an ESPN notification.


I immediately sprung up and in complete shock sat at the edge of my bed anxiously scrolling Twitter to see if this was real or not. Everyone in my house is asleep, so once I realized this was real life, I stood up, did a little happy dance (quietly) and scrolled on Twitter until about 4:30 AM.

The entire timing of the signing was so funny because half of the east coast was still asleep. So, I was going to my favorite Mets' accounts and they were sleeping and had no idea what was going on.

This is definitely a top 2 day in sports signing history for me. I think the Kawhi/PG signing in July 2019 will always be number 1, but I think this may be #2.

I wrote a blog yesterday about Correa and his failed physical with the Giants. I truly believe there was no medical issue. I think he got to SF and saw the party going on in Queens and immediately changed his mind. Mr. Boras and the Giants probably agreed on calling it a failed physical to make things easier for both sides.

From yesterday's blog:

"Does this mean Uncle Stevie might be back in the Correa race? Nothing in certain yet, however if Correa ends up back on the market, I feel like Uncle Stevie could make a solid push."

Well, 12 hours later, Carlos Correa became a New York Met.

What Steve Cohen is doing in terms of spending is absolutely insane and we have never seen anything like it. If you are crying about it, you are just mad that your owner is a complete cheapo. We went through PAINFUL MISERABLE years of Wilpon so we deserve this more than anyone.

Now, Lindor gets his pal and the Mets get another big bat which I was begging Billy Eppler to go get as players started to become sparse. Correa also has the October experience that we desperately needed.

I honestly don't know else what to say or do because I am just so happy and want to run around my block and scream LFGM as loud as possible. I feel for Giants fans right now. If I was a Giants fan I would probably not watch baseball next year. They had Arson Judge for 5 minutes and Correa for 3 days and now have nothing.

Here is the projected 2023 lineup and this brings a tear to my eye. The only thing wrong about this graphic is that Nido should be there instead of McCant. I told a friend of mine that if the Mets got Correa and got rid of McCant I would get a LFGM tattoo. Well 1/2 of those MIRACLE things has happened.

One final note. Here is the NY Post cover from October 25, 2022. 3/4 of these players are now New York Mets.

Merry early Christmas from Uncle Stevie!

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